Interview To Moona Snake

Moona, let’s talk about your beginnings in the hardcore industry. When did you make the decision to get into this business?
Considering that my first scene came out on the first of April of this year, we are talking about exactly seven months ago.

Seven months that it took you to test yourself – successfully – in various scenes for Giorgio Grandi and other productions, right?
That’s right, in addition to Giorgio’s studio I’ve also worked for Nubiles, Public Agent and Spizoo among others – consider that some things are still to come out.

What was the path that led you to shoot on a hard set?
I confess that I was thinking about it for a long time, but I had never found the courage. I asked myself: ‘Okay, but what if I regret doing it?’ I was a bit afraid of the Italian mentality and the judgment of others. Then I was convinced for a number of reasons. First of all, my age: I’m not twenty anymore, so, although I’m still young, this was the moment to move: it’s now or never, in short. Then there was the issue of lockdown: I previously had a steady job, during the months of closure I found myself on layoff…and there, staying at home, I thought: okay, in this phase of forced break I want to try this new experience!

Something temporary, in your initial intentions…
Exactly: the idea was to experience the thrill of shooting hardcore scenes and then go back to my usual life, when it would have been possible.

…Instead, what happened?
I decided to continue on this path, moving to Prague! Initially I had also thought of alternating the work I had in Italy with the trips to shoot scenes, but the timing would have been unmanageable for both things. So in the end I chose hardcore: porn allows me to pay for my living without needing another job. Very important thing, then: in Prague I found love, my boyfriend: this has made the move sweeter and has really influenced a lot!

The choice to measure yourself immediately with a ‘strong’ porn is due to what?
To the fact that it’s what I like. Before starting to make porn I watched Giorgio Grandi’s scenes, to understand us: when I decided I didn’t hesitate to want to do exactly what I saw in LegalPorno’s site, being that the kind of sexuality I prefer.

In your private life had you already tried various performances then made on the set of Giorgio?
Some things yes, clearly not all. I have always had a very intense sex life, experimenting with whatever I wanted and finding the right people to do it with – in this I can say I am lucky. So in part I was already convinced that the new practices would have pleased me, as in fact it has been: being here, now, and having succeeded in realizing myself in this area is a beautiful thing!

Are there any practices that you haven’t tried yet and plan to do in the future?
I haven’t tried triple anal penetration, I’m not ready yet but in the future I think I won’t miss it! You have to consider that it’s an escalation: you start from more basic practices and then intensify.

Do you prefer scenes with you as the only girl and more men, or other female presences are welcome?
A lot of men on set with me, that’s what i prefer, since in my day-to-day I like men and have more fun with them (laughs) That said, I also work with women. When I’m the only girl on set I like it because all the males are for me, whereas when I’m shooting with another girl it’s still nice because, if there’s a good vibe, it’s still fun to be together performing with a lot of actors.

Do intense scenes involve physical, or otherwise mental, fatigue?
In my experience, I have never had any psychological difficulties in this regard: as I repeat, these are things that I enjoy and I have not had to get used to them.

In Giorgio Grandi’s scenes we see the coexistence of practices such as pissing or fisting, among others. What do you think about this way of making porn?
In my opinion, in front of this type of hardcore, the public is divided: there are those who adore pissing and those who absolutely do not want to see it on video. It’s no coincidence that many scenes are edited in pissing and ‘dry’ version (that is without pissing, in fact). As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have problems, I don’t do it just because I have to. The important thing is – speaking in general – to keep in mind the need to take positions technically ‘in favor’ of the camera, because beyond the fun you are working and you have to be professional.

As for fisting, however, have you experienced it actively or passively?
I’ve done anal fisting on another girl a few times, I enjoyed it. I’ve never received it, I’m not ready for it yet – here’s another thing for the future! It’s different from normal penetration, some girls are already predisposed while for others it takes some training.

You’ve also shot for the studio ‘Busted T-Girls’ dedicated to trans productions if I’m not mistaken…
Well, that was a new experience and it proved to be really interesting, being an unusual situation – at least for me.

I’d say that, from this point of view, being a hard performer at this level is also useful to measure yourself with what are often considered ‘taboo’ in the social sphere…coming back to your way of living hard, if I’ve understood you well, you are very keen on experimentation, on trying new and different things from conventional sex. Are you still curious about it?
I’ve always been curious about it. Today I can tell you that a lot of what I was curious about before I have finally tried it for real, so in private maybe I don’t find the same needs i had when I was younger.

Having strong sex at work may affect the way you experience it in your private life?
This work helped me in that. I used to try a lot of things sexually, and as I said it was hard to find the right people to meet those expectations. Doing it on set with professionals is different than having the same kind of sex with people you’ve met in everyday life. Mine was a continuous, exhausting search: now, with this activity, I can really let off steam. Doing hard at this level makes it easier for me to find satisfaction, although I always have the desire to experiment hardcore in my private life!

How do you experience the online attention of social and fans?
Sometime i look ot the Pornbox forum searching for comments about me, watching out for what I can improve. Obviously it is a pleasure to receive positive feedback, in the same way that in social networks it is gratifying to see the number of followers grow. In fact, lately I’ve noticed that my Italian followers are increasing, at the beginning I didn’t have so many…let’s say that at the beginning I hid a bit, in Italy…

In what sense?
I didn’t immediately tell my family about the choice I had made. Then I think that my name had a big influence: almost all my Italian colleagues have Italian names, to tell you…

…while you, on the other hand, Moona Snake: explain me this nickname…
‘Moona’ is a name I invented a few years ago, before doing this job…I liked it, it doesn’t mean anything in particular. ‘Snake’ instead was given to me by Giorgio Grandi because he says I look like Stacy Snake, a Russian hardcore actress. Also, I’ll tell you, now that I have a snake of my own it makes even more sense!

You have a snake at home waiting for you 🙂 ?
It’s a small, white and yellow albino python that I keep in a large terrarium. Pythons are very peaceful and non-poisonous animals. Also, my boyfriend has another snake: tomorrow when mine is older we will put them together to keep each other company (laughs).

Let’s leave the set: what kind of person are you and what are your passions?
First of all, I like to travel a lot. This job allows me to have time to do so, meeting new open minded people and just being myself. I have always had a passion for dancing: for many years I did Latin American at a competitive level, now I continue for the sheer pleasure of it.
Another great passion of mine connected to travel is art: I love visiting museums, churches and ancient buildings of the places I go to, when I have the chance. It must be said that the art we have in Italy is difficult to find around the world…

Your favorite city?
Florence. Consider that I really appreciate the Renaissance, and Florence is its cradle. Generally speaking, when I go to visit a place I always find out how much artistic beauty there is to see!

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