Interview To Candy Scott

Candy Scott is a charming and sensual French hard actress and performer. We have admired her in many Video Marc Dorcel films and in various strong hardcore scenes on LegalPorno. In occasion of her first Italian film shot by Andy Casanova i had the chance to learn more about her…here is the interview.

Let’s talk about the moment you entered in the world of hardcore. How did you take that decision?
I was made several offers when I was 18 in the porn industry. I was spotted at the Pink Paradise in Paris (the most famous french cabaret, nda), i took a year to think about it and decide to make a career…it’s very funny because i started my debut at Dorcel: i contacted them telling them that i wanted to start with them and work only for them, then i started and it worked.

 Had you experienced extreme sexuality or multiple partners before shooting for Giorgio Grandi?
Yes I have toured a lot in France and several times for John Thompson, the king of German gang bangs.

 What was the performance you discovered on the set and enjoyed the most?
Haha, hard sex in general: i would say i am naturally sexually submissive in life.

 Do you like doing scenes with multiple girls or do you prefer gangbang with you as the only female?
I prefer to be the only woman. I always stress with another actress, i feel erased and not up to par. I am naturally shy.

 In your private life do you also like women or are you straight?
I’m bisexual.

 You have also done pissing and bukkake scenes. Do you find these practices exciting also off the set?
No, i am more bdsm in my intimate life but i love this pratic in shooting.

 What is the erotic fantasy you have not yet realized?
Hard question: i think porn already allows me to realize all my fantasies, i’m lucky!

 How was shooting for the Italian director Andy Casanova? Were you already familiar with Italian porn or was it your first experience?
It was my first experience. I loved Andy who is a great person full of character, who knows exactly what he wants but with a very paternal side at the same time. One of my prettiest porn encounters of this year 2022, and it was my first times in Italian porn: i was very surprised by the comedy but it pleased me to try new things.

 Let’s talk about your ideal man…what characteristics should he have?
Haha, i’m a ‘lolita’: i like older men, with a paternal side. I need someone to take care of me afterwards physically, apart from being tall. I think the most important criteria is what’s inside, especially when you work in an environment based on the physical, you learn to be interested in the true value of people and forget the superficial.

 How do you describe yourself, what kind of girl are you? What are your hobbies and what do you like to do?
I am a sparkling woman, i am very active, i want to live life 100%. I am a real clown and always try to be a little ray of sunshine for my friends. With me, we do activities and we move! I like to dance, to travel…

 What is your favourite aspect of being a porn  actress and what instead the thing you don’t like – if there’s one?
I like being on stage, the magic of the camera doing the show, traveling, discovering new people and realizing new fantasies.

Are you a camgirl too or however are you interested in this kind of activity?
No, i’m a danceur…

Is it possible in your opinion to make a living being a hard actress with digital platforms like Onlyfans? Do you think you will continue this profession for a long time?
No, I think it’s better to have another activity on the side, and that it is also mentally important: to diversify and not get stuck in a single thing, meeting new people. I would do this as long as i like it.

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