Ovidie – Due O Tre Cose Che So Di Lei

Nata nel 1980, Ovidie era una studentessa di filosofia di 18 quando decise di entrare nel mondo della pornografia come attrice. Dall’inizio della sua carriera, i media hanno sviluppato un interesse per la star del cinema per adulti considerata un ‘intellettuale’.

Nel 2001, ha diretto il suo primo film erotico, “Orgy in Black”, per il quale è stata premiata con l’Hot D’Or per la migliore sceneggiatura. Con questo riconoscimento, è diventata la più giovane regista porno della storia del cinema.

Poco dopo, Ovidie ha diretto il suo secondo lungometraggio, “Lilith”, che è stato elogiato dall’intera professione, nonché da molti giornalisti “tradizionali” e recensioni cinematografiche.

Oggi Ovidie dirige film per adulti e scrive molte guide sessuali per migliorare l’educazionesessuale degli adulti. Sostenitrice del sesso sicuro, insiste sull’uso del preservativo durantele sue scene. Nell’aprile 2008, ha assunto il comando del dipartimento di produzione di French Lover TV.

Quella che segue è un’intervista che feci ad Ovidie nel Maggio 2004, dopo averla contattata attraverso il suo sito web di allora. Ci scrivemmo in inglese, per cui riporto il testo originale.

a.s. – What are you doing in this period? Are new movies or something else on your calendar?

O. – I’ve just create my own porn company that is called “Raziel media”.
I’ll shoot the first movie “Riot Girls” in June. I’m also creating the first sex-shop for women and couples in France. I’ll start it next september. And my next book “In sex we trust”, that includes text and photos, will be available next october. I’m not performing anymore in heterosexual scenes for almost one year now. I sometimes appear in lesbian scenes.

a.s. – Can you remember me what is your first movie ever and what is changed – if something’s changed – in your way to stay in front of a camera?

O. – My first one was more than five years ago and was called “la fàªte à gigi”. I’m not proud of it, i think it’s a terrible movie ! So yes, my way of working really changed !!! I just became more professional. And I decided after this movie to work with condom in all my heterosexual scenes. That is why i didn’t work so much in Italy (because in Italy you’re obliged to work without condom). Sex without condom is dangerous, and not professional (it is too intimate).

a.s. – I really appreciated ”Le pornographe’. I’d like to know something about your experience of actress in this movie…

O. – I enjoyed acting with J.P Lèaud and working with Bertrand Bonello the director. But I couldn’t stand the hypocrisis of the “mainstream cinema”during the shooting. Most of the promotion has been done with my name, the movie has been sold in France with only my face

Ovidie ne 'Le Pornographe'

a.s. – In ‘Le pornographe’ you acted with Jean-Pierre Lèaud, an historical french actor. Do you like his movies directed by Franà§ois Truffaut? And, in general, are you usually watching french movies starting from those of the so-called ‘Nouvelle Vogue’ (personally i love Godard, Truffaut and Chabrol’s production)?

O. – JP Lèaud is a very interesting icon. He’s as crazy as he looks in his movies. He’s always acting, he doesn’t make any difference between cinema and reality. About the nouvelle-vague movies, I actually like this period, but I hate all the intellectual french cinema that is inspired by this period.

a.s. – I’ve recently seen ‘Explicite’ by John B. Root, i’ve found very interesting and stimulating the way he directed this movie. Can you tell me something about your experience in it and about your partners Ally MacTiana, Estelle Desanges, Tiffany Hopkins and all the others?

O. – I only remember that I had real good sex with Francesco Malcolm. He’s a very attractive and kind guy. We shot another sex scene the day after explicit, and we were so aroused I had two orgasms. It was the first time of my career I had orgasm on a set (and almost the last one !). We’ve been flirting for a while after this movie. Too bad we didn’t live in the same country ! I know that I managed to cum during this scene only because I had feelings toward Francesco.

a.s. – What your ideal director should do to let you feel more cool and natural during a shot?

O. – My favourite director was Stan Lubrick / also called Yannick Perrin. Because we were real friends and that we had something important in common : misanthropy. I’ve done about 15 movies with him, it was my favourite period as an actress.

a.s. – Let’s change argument. By reading your book, you seem to have a…’porn-way-of-thinking’, while lots of people think at you as a ‘porn-maker’, a person who acts and not a woman who thinks. In your opinion, can the world ‘porn’ be thought and argumented? Is your ‘Porno manifesto’ a way to do this?

O. – I don’t porn to be “intellectual”. But I want people to think about the stupid stereotypes they have. I want people to understand that what they hear about porn business is bullshit. I wanted to prove in Porno Manifesto that some women involved in porn and sex work are more feminists than the usual feminists.

a.s. – Are you an intent reader? If so, what are your favourite books and authors?

O. – I like Ernst Junger, texts of Christianity (official, like the Bible, and non-official), Nietzsche, Mishima, Hugo’s and Musset’s “drames romantiques”, etc… The two last authors I read were Jean Genet and Pierre Drieu La Rochelle.

a.s. – By visiting your website, you appear having a peculiar attention to ‘speak’, not only to ‘show’. I think you want to make your observer also thinking, while lots of pornstars worry just about let masturbating their fans with thousand of pictures without any soul, without any word. I like this. Is it only an impression or is it really your purpose?

O. – My website is about me and my different activities. So it is important to show something else that my butt (that is become older and older, by the way !)

a.s. – I’m interested in hardcore as a way to catch the
observer both physically and psychologically. What about you? Have you ever experienced an hardcore action able to capture your soul and your body?

O. – Hardcore is not the only way. If you cry in front of a movie or if you loose conscience or vomit, it is also physical and psychological. That happened during Mel Gibson’s “La passion du Christ” for example (two people died watching this movie).

a.s. – Have you ever thought to direct yourself a movie, an xxx movie or another one? If you could have the chance to choice all (plot, actors and so on…) how this movie could be to satisfy you?

O. – Well, I think you didn’t follow all my career… I’m a director for four years now ! I’ve directed five movies for other producers (Marc Dorcel and Blue One, I think they’re available in Italy with Mario Salieri’s company), and I’m now my own producer. I’m also directing a dvd for a musical band, and a documentary.

a.s. – Have you seen ‘Baise moi’? What do you think about it and about this will to insert xxx actions in a traditional plot?

O. – Baise-moi should has been shown in underground theatres and festivals. It’s not a movie for a large audience. I would have loved it if I had watched it during a festvals. I don’t love, I don’t hate. There are interesting ideas in this movie.

a.s. – I’d like to know your opinion about Catherine Breillat’s movies also…do you think they really show sex in an interesting way? What about performing in a movie as ‘Sex is comedy’?

O. – I don’t like movies that mix porn and frustration. it’s my point of view. And I don’t like the fact that C. Breillat told horrible things about porn-workers during the promotion of Romance X. She seems to have changed a little her point of view now.

a.s. – To finish…it’s more difficult for you performing in a porn movie or writing a book about something connected with the xxx world?

O. – Performing. Because of the social pressure. After being a pornstar, you can’t work in other business than Porn, you can’t find a husband, you can’t be a good mother, you can’t be loyal. And you’re considered like a whore everywhere you go. I’ve been a porn actress for five years, and I’m still involved in porn as producer (and for a long time I hope). But I believe in loyalty, love, god, honor, and beauty of no-taboo sex.