Interview to Divina Elisa

Divina Elisa, the name already expresses your essence: Divine, in fact. I ask you: how did you approach the findom world and how did you discover yourself as a Moneymistress?
I discovered the world of findom when I was 18, a friend had told me about it and from then on, the passion was born. The dominant aspect is inherent in my character, so i decided to make the most of it to earn and have fun at the same time.

What are the rules in order to get your attention and, if possible, your consideration?
I don’t have particularly strict rules. What I expect is respect (address with the proper pronouns), loyalty and total devotion. Being mainly findominatrix, the economic aspect is what matters, but not only this. Because findom is primarily mental domination. A ‘slave’ could also be very rich, but if it turns out to be a dominator from below, or a fake slave, then the economic aspect no longer matters.

In financial domination the concept of ‘distance’ between the Goddess and the slave who adores her is basic. From an emotional point of view, do you always keep yourself cold and detached from your ‘faithful’ or do you sometimes empathize with some of them?
From an emotional point of view it depends. There are slaves whom I have also approached in an emotional way, such as my personal permanent slave, who in addition to dedicating everything he can dedicate to me, is a person who has my trust. I like to create a relationship of complicity, even if it is not possible to create it with anyone. Precisely for this reason I am very selective in choosing a personal slave.

Are you selective in quantity and quality regarding your slaves? What has been the most rewarding tribute to date?
Going back to what I said before, yes, I am very selective. I don’t like having to deal with sessionists and fetishists, just slaves of nature. In fact, only the latter could have the honor of meeting me and spending time with me. There isn’t really a tribute that most particularly gratified me. I appreciate a lot though, when maybe you don’t have much, but you give it to the goddess as a sacrifice.

Is your role as Moneymiss both virtual and real? In this case, have you had daily slaves at your service who, for example, do your shopping or do household chores?
Yes, I practise both virtual and real (as much as possible living in a slightly retrograde area), unfortunately I have not yet had domestic slaves but it would be very gratifying.

You have an AVN profile with many glamorous and elegant photos. Do you also make personalized videos?
Yes, I also make custom videos. I think my profile is still in progress, since I don’t have a lot of content to offer, as soon as I get the chance I’ll start working on the release of new content constantly.

Still regarding photos and videos, can we consider them a sort of objects destined to the fetishist adoration of the person who buys them?
I don’t consider my photos and videos as objects, but as a method that allows the others to adore, venerate, and serve me adequately.

In your profile I find this quote ‘You want me but you can NEVER own me. I own you already’. I see that you write much more in English than in Italian: do you have moneyslaves living abroad?
I’ve had some foreign slaves but for a session level only. I have never had any of that for a lasting relationship.

Besides findom are you interested in bdsm and femdom practices in general?
Let’s say that the findom aspect is what gratifies me most, but also practices such as ballbusting, spitting, smoking fetish, boots worship, human ashtray, trampling, dog/ pony play, or in any case practices that include pain, degradation, humiliation are what gratify me the most.

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