Sarah Slave becomes Producer

Everyone knows Sarah Slave as an international hardcore performer for productions signed by Giorgio Grandi. The news is that Sarah is about to open a personal production studio on the Pornbox platform, where she will insert videos and scenes conceived and shot by her. ‘Actually the production is not a real novelty for me – Sarah told me – in the past I had created my own label, the Sarahextreme, with which I had begun to propose my fetish material. After a period of reorganization, this new studio allows me to resume the discourse and continue to shoot scenes totally my own’.

Sarah Slave’s new channel will contain all the material previously published for Sarahextreme, together with new scenes and news. The kind of videos will embrace the bdsm world, always dear to Sarah: ‘The episodes of the ‘Dirty BDSM Experience’ will be back online, an exploration of soft and strong performances. The idea is to produce fetish material with some practices that characterize me – pissing, pegging and others. You know I like to use strap-ons!’ So we can expect collaborations with other artists, which Sarah is already planning: ‘Of course we can, I’m looking around to contact the most intriguing Italian newcomers. I can tell you that I already have negotiations underway with Red Poison, a name that will give us many pleasant surprises in the future!’ (I have already interviewed Red Poison, identifying her as one of the most interesting profiles in perspective, nda).

Meanwhile, online are the first two scenes that will become part of the study itself, let’s see them

‘Extreme Piss Party’
Featuring Sarah Slave, Giada Suicide, Leonardo Conti

A threesome that sees Sarah orally engaged with a real cock on one side and a vigorous strap-on worn by Giada on the other. As a good little slave, Sarah welcomes Leonardo’s piss jets with sweet eyes and a wide open mouth. Then it’s Giada’s turn who, after facing the oral session, receives from Sarah a soft vaginal stimulation in shocking pink gloves. There is then an enema that Leo administers to Sarah with the enthusiastic assistance of Giada: clearly the liquidity of the fluids always plays a fundamental role in the fetish proposed by ours.
The scene continues with a performance of soft bdsm consisting of whips on Sarah’s belly, which begin mildly and then reach a certain intensity – very welcome, of course. The final bath of pee finds the two girls well disposed to receive what comes out of Leonardo’s cock.

‘Sarah Slave vs Jessy Jey’
Featuring Sarah Slave, Jessy Jey, Leonardo Conti

Here is the presence of Jessy Jey, caliente pornstar who over the months has conquered all the people and is shooting for various international productions. Jessy looks as she was in her first months in hardcore industry, with light streaks and not very long hair (now she’s total brunette). Sarah – with a kind of corpse painting on her face – brutalizes Jessy orally with a strap-on, while Leonardo imposes a mega-object in her pussy. Once again, the function real cock/phallic mimesis is fundamental in the threesome that sees Sarah as the one who takes (anal from Conti) and who at the same time gives (anal to Jessy via dildo). The performance is destined to change active subject, in a switch between the two girls involved in the fetish game of the sex toy exchanged from cavity to cavity.

These are the first two unreleased scenes, dating back to some months ago for Sarahextreme/ Lovechannel, that will be part of Sarah Slave Studio. It won’t be long before the real news, which will be shot in the times to come. Because Sarah Slave is on fire, also as Producer 🙂


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