Interview To Anna Khara

The name of Anna Khara has come to the attention of hardcore consumers in recent months: thanks to her sunny disposition, the passion she shows in sex scenes, her innate stage presence on the sets of the productions she has worked with up to now.

Anna, the first time I heard about you was on the occasion of the scenes shot for Andy Casanova that can be found in his channel on AnalVids…
Andy Casanova’s was my first production, exactly. After that came the experiences in Prague and Budapest.

Since the beginning you wanted to test yourself with an intense hard and very ‘strong’ performance. Was this your initial intention?
I wanted to experience that kind of hard from the beginning, yes. Extreme sex is a form of porn that I feel I’m good at, so I said to myself: ‘Let’s try it and see how it goes! Finding myself well, from there it all started.

Among the various practices that you exhibit in AnalVids scenes I imagine there are some that you were familiar with before, others that you have tried and learned directly on the set, right?
Without a doubt, in my private life I already enjoyed sex a little more. That said, most of the things you learn on the set, which is a real school from this point of view: you measure yourself with performances that in your private life you would not have the courage to try.

There is also ‘home practice’, if I may say so…to implement dilatations, for example…
Of course you always have to improve: maybe you can arrive thinking you already know everything, but training is essential, in the right timing.

The feedback I’ve received about you and your scenes has been almost all positive, if not enthusiastic: I can feel your energy and passion on set…
I’m pleased: I feel absolutely at ease, I love doing hard stuff and learning new things about it. I pay constructive attention to the feedback I get from the net: I like to see what comes out of the video, if what I want to convey really emerges or not. And I must say that in general people perceive my desire to do and the pleasure in doing it.

After Prague with the relative scenes for AnalVids, you went to Budapest where you shot first with Pierre Woodman, who speaks of you in enthusiastic terms in his forum: ‘She’s atomic!’
I also worked really well with Pierre. I found him to be a very helpful person in giving useful advice to help you grow, as well as having a very ‘real’ approach to casting scenes: we are talking about an activity that is indeed a job, but he is good at making it seem casual and informal. When the camera came on I felt 100% myself, without embarrassment.

Many users have expressed a strong liking for your natural charm and your physicality without tattoos…a planned choice or do you have no particular interest in the matter?
Let’s say that I wouldn’t have done tattoos anyway…after I realized that this peculiarity is quite appreciated in the industry. Then who knows, in the future I can’t tell you…

Then it was the turn of Rocco Siffredi. How did it go with him?
Well, when they told me that Rocco was interested in shooting with me, I was incredulous: being the Italian idol in this field, it’s already a great achievement. I found him a bit like I already imagined him: a ‘character’ in every sense with his own philosophy of making porn that makes you understand immediately. I liked him: he was absolutely fair to me, which I believe and hope to have reciprocated.

Your rise in the world of porn in recent months has been very fast, almost unstoppable – at least, so we perceived it from the outside. Did you expect such an intense response?
I can tell you that from the beginning I believed in what I was doing, so I expected that sooner or later people would notice. However, it is not obvious that everything happens in a continuous and linear way: the fact that in a short time everything is going so well was unexpected for me, and this makes me like it even more. I can’t hide the fact that I’m satisfied, to date.

Talking about personal preferences, do you feel more satisfied shooting on set or do you also take care of the social ‘pay’ aspect – Onlyfans, to be clear, and eventually cam?
At the beginning I created Onlyfans and a few cams: these are things I did for pure personal pleasure, even without big earnings. Then, when I discovered the productions, I realized that I really wanted to learn how to be a hard actress in a professional way, which is a world far from the cam world. In the end, these are just different ways of working: now I’m focused on shooting for productions and I put this before everything else.

Speaking of sets, what was your emotional impact with this dimension?
On a human level, I like that there is a bit of chemistry between the actors…I think the end result is better. Of course, it can’t always be like that, so it’s up to each individual actor to give and do their best regardless of the others. Up to now, I’ve always had a good time and I haven’t had any particular difficulty in interacting with actors I’ve never seen before. I’m getting used to it, in this environment it’s normal. It must also be said that the actors who work for the various productions are not so many, so you get to know them relatively quickly.

How did you decide to manage distance for this profession of yours? Is it a factor that affects you?
After staying in Italy for the first time, I finally moved to Prague for convenience and nothing else – I still prefer Italy. You know, I was living in a village, a lot of people know about me and maybe they ask for my photo or make some comments…I’m glad because these comments have always been positive, an encouragement to go on.

Did you have any reticence or negative messages about the choice you made?
Not in person…I have received messages from people in the area where I live inviting me to give up porn, since there is still time…of course I don’t mind: this is what I want to do.

Staying on this topic, what is your relationship with social?
I like very much to publish on Instagram and Twitter, posting things about my daily life and not only: I would appreciate if people would make an effort to understand a little more this world, which in Italy is still a taboo. There are many curious people who really don’t know anything about it, so letting people know more would be a good thing.

What passions do you have outside of your profession, which is also a life choice?
I’m a person who likes to try many new things, from sports to dishes I don’t know, to getting to know people. I love to travel: that’s something I really appreciate about this job. In general, I consider myself enterprising. Of course, here in Italy I have my friends: when I stay I make sure to see them all…

…which is difficult, I imagine, given the timing of the shots…
Exactly. When I was still moving around to film, I met a lot of people, but I was also very lonely – in the various hotels where you stay, for example – so you missed your family and friends. That’s why I found my stability by moving to Prague, while coming back to Italy gives me the opportunity to see everyone again, that’s the positive aspect.

Do you have a dream in the drawer regarding the profession of hard actress?
I would certainly like to get to American productions in the future. It’s a dream of mine, because I’ve always watched a lot of American style porn, although I also appreciate European hardcore. I’m aware that there is a whole path to do, so we’ll see what happens…

There are various steps, certainly. Also because, as I understand, you have decided to make porn your real profession…
That’s right, I’m aiming for it 100%. When I initially did the second year of university I thought I could combine both things, but then I could not devote myself in the right way to either, so I said to myself: I want to do this! Keep in mind that I had started out unacknowledged, thinking that I would build an identity by not publicly showing who I was. It couldn’t work, so making a decision like this meant that I had to show myself openly and make hard work my job.

Clearly, putting yourself forward in a mask would have meant staying in an amateur sphere, definitely limiting your expectations of success in the industry…
No doubt. However, I would like to point out that the decision to pursue this career has been a gradual path for me, absolutely not as immediate as it might seem from the outside. I’ve gone through the various steps step by step until I finally decided I wanted to do this, without second thoughts: ever since I decided to work in the hard sector, after due consideration, there has never been anything that could make me go back.


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